Celebrating over 19 years experience, Jon Strader has had the pleasure of dj-ing countless weddings, private parties, corporate & college events, in-stores, and bar residencies. Music being his ultimate passion, Strader has also toured the entire world performing on stages in front of 100's, even 1000's.

At the very young age of 14, stepping into the entertainment industry has opened so many doors connecting Jon to all sorts of industry professionals. Record labels, clothing companies, photographers, videographers, caterers, planners, production companies, various businesses, the list goes on. This comes to your rescue when needing assistance with your wedding day planning or any other form of event planning. 

From several years working for the biggest record store chain in the Northeast, Newbury Comics, to over 10 years as a founding builder for one of the world's leading custom drum makers, SJC Custom Drums, Strader has always strived to pursue his own business in the music world. Being a full time dj means he now devotes his full time to being a dj. 

"Packing dance floors through tasteful selections of music is so paramount to any event. I read my crowds and always look forward to seeing how the night plays out. You never know what you may end up playing!" - Strader  

Influenced from the early 50's through the current Top 40, Jazz to Hip-Hop, catering to your crowd is his main focus and specialty. Knowing how important your wedding, party, or event is to you, in return, makes it that much more important to him. 





Performing at  Fest  in Florida with  No Trigger  // Courtesy of : Patrick J. Stefano

Performing at Fest in Florida with No Trigger // Courtesy of : Patrick J. Stefano

Working on a massive drum for the band  Imagine Dragons  // Courtesy of :  SJC DRUMS

Working on a massive drum for the band Imagine Dragons // Courtesy of : SJC DRUMS

Hawaiian stylin' wedding reception at  Groveland Fairways  // Courtesy of :   Zac x Wolf

Hawaiian stylin' wedding reception at Groveland Fairways // Courtesy of :  Zac x Wolf