massachusetts wedding

Jones River Trading!

Looking back on this wedding like, wow. A beautiful, fun, new venue for me and also, this couple just ruled. I'm going with probably venue of the year award. Look at this place! Crew boats in the ceiling, what?! 

They had a gorgeous ceremony right on site, including some famous Bob Dylan lyrics and all.

First dance? Don't worry, Katie & Sean had everybody covered. From their Harlem Shake intro, to Into The Mystic by Van Morrison, then Sean throwing his jacket off and the two busting out a choreographed routine to Uptown Funk, right back into the mystic... Everyone was losing it!

With the vibes set to early classics from The Beatles, Rod Stewart, Earth Wind & Fire, some fun Country, I couldn't wait to get into dancing. Katie & Sean's musical tastes were mirroring mine so well and I got to throw in some bangers from Cash Cash to Zedd.. This rarely happens and the place was literally bouncing off the walls... So fun.

Huge shout out to my friend and bridesmaid Lindsay for bringing all this together. I recently met her through picking up a massive event for Umass Amherst this year. "Is this going to make the blog!?" - she says.. haha Hey Lindsay! 

So stoked to have been a part of your special day guys.. I had such a great time and I hope to see you around! Your style and energy made this day the best it could've been. Congrats!  #seantakesthekate

Jaime & Chris's Orchard BBQ Wedding!

I was looking forward to this wedding all year. Great friends and also a great location! Jaime & Chris's wedding was at Hyland Orchard located behind the Rapscallion Brewery out in Sturbridge, MA. They had their ceremony off into the fields and it couldn't have been more beautiful. Hearing their vows to each other provided the meaning of how much these two were meant for one another! So wonderful. 

The Custom Booth fitting right in! Side note : Best man's Dad help develop the Bose Sound System I use. Smallest world. 

The Custom Booth fitting right in! Side note : Best man's Dad help develop the Bose Sound System I use. Smallest world. 

Ceremony Setup

Ceremony Setup

Providing the catering deliciousness was none other than BT'S Smokehouse. It was awesome to work with these local favorites!

Thanks for everything Brian! 

Thanks for everything Brian! 

Jaime's sisters had a very special toast prepared for the bride and groom. They had a "wedding survival kit" full of numerous products and gifts to help with everything from a zombie apocalypse, to a mix cd for the honeymoon. When mentioning the wonderful mix, I cue'd in Jamie's favorite tracks ranging from Boyz II Men, N'SYNC, to Usher. It was a treat. Even pulling up the theme song to Chris's favorite movie, Jurassic Park. Thanks for having me be a part of that epic speech ladies! That was a first for me. 

Couldn't have asked for a better day, an even better night. Dance floor packed til the very end! Such a pleasure being there for you guys! Cannot wait to see the footage from my pals over at Just Fly Casual. I saw some sneaks and it looked absolutely unreal! Congrats guys! 

Eliza & Mitchel's QuonQuont Farm Wedding!

It was great to be back at QuonQuont Farm in Whately, Massachusetts! Eliza & Mitchel's ceremony was covered by family musicians and they also performed the first dance. Working with musicians is a big deal being one myself! I offered to provide the extra set up for them knowing it would be very reliable and professional sounding. They were stoked! This is such a special moment and it sounded amazing. Ray and Wayne performed “Someone to You” by Andy Gullahorn

Another highlight would definitely be the Cake Cutting song... It was well received by everyone in the audience.. With giggles and laughter. So random and perfect! "I Swear" by the Minions (Despicable Me)

Congrats you guys! Wish you the best and thanks so much for having me! Below are some sneaks from a new friend Svitlana Pimenov! Great meeting you!